I am Brent Auger of Southeast Idaho and I am a fly fishing addict. I am also a co-owner with Brandon Moon of DRAGONtail Tenkara and Moonlit Fly Fishing. I favor fishing my Tenkara rods but I also love to use a Rod-And-Reel setup as well I have a 6wt LOOP Cross rod that I just love. I grew up fishing mostly spinners which I enjoyed at the time but as soon as I started fly fishing I have never touched a spin rod since. Though I love catching fish of all sizes and fish all waters, my favorite is fishing small rivers with lots of bends that have the possibility of a good sized trout.

I love tying flies and am self taught, that means I have lots of bad habits but I get the job done just fine. I am always changing what is my favorite fly to something new, it never stays the same. If there is one fly I favor it is a custom zonker streamer that was taught to me by Doug Kinney, and yes I fish them with my Tenkara rod. I rarely fish dry flies but that could change if I get in the right mood.

If there is one thing I like almost as much as fly fishing (besides my family) it is FOOD! It is a good thing I have a great metabolism or I would be the chunkiest person on earth. I LOVE TO EAT AND I LOVE TO COOK, especially love making different breads and gourmet pancakes.

This blog will be a place that I will share my adventures, discoveries, articles, tutorials, fish, and the products I love to use (not all of which are my products). Mostly it will be about me finding ways to destroy my flies by enticing great fish to take them.

I also hope to have a few people do guest posts on this blog.