Cold Spring Water Fun (FISHING 5-5-2017)

Had a lot of fun early this month fishing some big water Tenkara with my HELLbender rod for some good sized trout in a cold spring fishery. The day was a little overcast and a slight breeze which made it easier to sneak up on the fish without scarring them. Caught several trout and one big sucker.

I even got to play with my slow motion video setting on my iPhone, turned out great. I really enjoyed watching the slow motion release videos that Living Waters Fly Fishing fly shop has been sharing and had to give it a try myself.

Slow Motion Release video:

All fish were caught on basic soft hackle flies and beadhead soft hackle nymphs (with peacock bodies). Here are a few of the trout I caught that day.

Caught this huge sucker that was up there spawning, trout were behind the suckers feasting away.

big sucker on Tenkara

Got the feeling that I was being watched, turned around to see this young moose spying on my.