Favorite Fish in the Past Year

With all the snow fall this winter my main winter fishing areas had a very short season due to early high water which stayed high in my favorite spots all the way to late July, very bizarre fishing season. I was able to find a few sweet spots very early spring that was good for about a month and then it was very slow, other than that it has been a long summer of mediocre fishing for me in high water. Couple the high water and a double busy work year this year and my fishing has been not quite what it has been in years past, my wife would say she doesn’t feel bad for me because my “slow fishing days are good fishing days for most people”.

While out fishing my favorite spot, which the water levels had just come down to good fishing levels, this past weekend while testing some new gear out I had an absolutely fantastic hour of fishing. Then I topped it off with this fantastic 23(ish) inch trout that exploded the water and took me for quite a ride. Luckily I was able to land the beauty and see just how fantastic of a fish it was. At 23 inches it was not the largest fish I have caught in the past year but it is definitely the most memorable fish I have caught in a long time.

I snapped a few quick photos and let it stroll back home where I hope to meet again.